All About Asharler Disinfecting Products

ASHARLER specializes in selling disinfectant equipment such as Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel, Fog Disinfectant Machines, Ultrasonic Disinfectant Machine, UV Sterilizer Light, and other similar products with the end-result of providing a clean-germ and virus-free environment.

Using ASHARLER equipment means choosing a high value-added service for customers which is in compliance with the current standard. We value the specific demands of clients which allow us to act quickly for a curative and preventive measures. The equipment are user-friendly while the machines do not require the presence of an operator. Several rooms can be disinfected at the same time with only one operator!

ASHARLER likewise provide cleaning and disinfection services for both residential places and workplaces. Considering the current situation on viruses, this delicate operations must be carried out by professionals in compliance with the global standard set out by the World Health Organization in its Interim Guidance entitled “Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in the context of COVID-19” dated 15 May 2020/

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